Brandon Burleigh

Twenty-something Brandon Burleigh is the epitome of blue collar style.
From the classic comb back hair, well worn denim and plain tees to his red 1970 Chevrolet Camaro; 'All American' isn't just an aesthetic. It's a choice of lifestyle.

The Mission Viejo, Orange County resident spends his days living up to the mantra of speaking softly whilst carrying a big stick. From steep tranny, burly rails, countless stairs and shoulder-high hubbas to flat bars, simple curbs and ledges - the mild-mannered powerhouse destroys it all!

Splitting his time between skateboarding, filming for a ZERO full length film and moonlighting as the manager of a Trader Joes; Brandon doesn't rest on his laurels. And that working class ethic is something we have the ultimate respect for.


Uppercut Deluxe
ZERO Skateboards
Independent Trucks
Vans Skate
Orbs Wheels
Bronson Speed Co
Focus Boardshop

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