Mikal Zack


Mikal Zack, affectionately known as Poo Screen, is the co-owner of the two Lefty's Barbershops both located in San Diego, California.

The story of Mikal getting into barbering is a little unconventional. It wasn’t necessarily the process of cutting hair, or the ability to work for yourself that drew him to barbering, it was what makes barbering so special, the camaraderie and community.

The community that Lefty's Barbershop is tight nit, yet welcoming. As soon as you set foot into either of the two shops, you feel like you are a part of the group. Quickly you’ll be smiling, laughing and cracking jokes as if you had all known each for years.

That’s what initially drew Uppercut Deluxe to Mikal and the Lefty's crew. These were the guys who were always having the most fun, happy to help out and really represented what barbering is all about.

Suffice to say, Mikal is a natural fit for the Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador Team. He is a guy passionate about the barbering industry, always wanting to improve his personal skills and happy to share his knowledge with others.

Signature Style: American Classics. Mikal excels at the classic cuts you’d expect from working in a traditional barbershop.

Time with Uppercut Deluxe: Mikal has been working with Uppercut Deluxe for over 5 years. Located close to the US Oceanside office, Mikal was regularly called upon to help out at events and earnt his spot in the Uppercut Deluxe Collective.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?

The fact that Uppercut Deluxe is by barbers, for barbers drew Mikal to the brand. Mikal appreciates that the core aim of Uppercut Deluxe is to help support the barbering industry.