Sean 'Spanky' Caudill

'Quality cut from tradition' is Sean Caudill's mantra for Spanky's Barbershop; the Covington, Kentucky institution which offers patrons a nostalgic experience of all that was perfect and beautiful about barbershops from yesteryear. A treasure trove of vintage curiosities and old-timey sensibilities, Spanky prides himself on offering service that's specific to a certain era, with impeccable attention to both quality in cuts within a fun, light-hearted atmosphere.

“Come on in, we only do buzz cuts. But don’t come in from 1-2pm as we’re at lunch, and maybe don’t come in before 9am, as we’re scratching lottery tickets and drinking coffee...” - Sean 'Spanky' Caudill

Call them on 859-261-BUZZ then drop by for a laugh, relax and unwind!