Shuzo Takashiro

Shuzo Takashiro UCDC
Shuzo Takashiro
Craft: Barber
Shop: Barber Sunride

Where is your shop located? Kamakura Shonan JP

When did your shop open? 15/06/2021

How long have you been cutting hair? 13 years 

How did you first hear about Uppercut Deluxe? I was selling it at the barber shop where I worked in Tokyo.

How long have you used Uppercut Deluxe products for in the barbershop? About 8 years, including my time at my previous job.

What makes your shop special to you? A place with mountains, sea and history. It’s close to Tokyo, with great community. There are a lot of interesting people living here.

What is your signature haircut/hairstyle? Fade Messy Throwback

Do you have a message you would like to share with the people reading this? Be yourself. Choose the hairstyle you want.