Vinny Richards


Vinny Richards, of Palace Barbering, has been on our radar for a long time. Despite his young age, Vinny has already been barbering for a decade. It was Vinny’s passion for the industry that made him an easy inclusion in the Uppercut Deluxe Collective and through hard work he has earnt himself a spot in the Ambassador team.

Vinny opened his very own shop at the tender age of 22. While this seems incredibly young, it’s important to remember by that time, Vinny already had 4 years’ experience under his belt and determination to follow his passion. When we caught wind of the shop opening all those years ago, we knew that over time it would become a cornerstone in the community and a pillar of the industry.

Taking note of what Uppercut Deluxe lifers like Shane Nesbitt, Jon Roth and Mike Conti were doing in their respective cities, Vinny set out to create a space where time rests and everything is intentional.

As soon as you take foot into Palace Barbering, you begin to really see how much care and passion has gone into creating it. While it took some time to all come together, Vinny and the team have really created a space that is authentic to who they are.

We’re stoked to welcome Vinny Richards to the Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador team and looking forward to things to come.

Signature Style: A modern classic, faded on the sides with natural movement on top. Vinny is a master of the classics, but isn’t afraid of mixing things up.

Time with Uppercut Deluxe: Vinny received his first (half used) tin of Uppercut Deluxe Pomade at 16, and has been using it ever since. Vinny spent a year in the Uppercut Deluxe Collective before earning his spot in the Ambassador Team.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?

For Vinny, it’ the family element of Uppercut Deluxe that has drawn him to the brand; the network of some of the best barbers from all around the world paying homage to the timeless industry.

“You have all these incredible people, doing incredible things.. Why would you say no to a family like that?