Featured Style: Loose Pomp

There are a lot of variations of the classic cut which is a Pompadour or more simply, a Pomp. Be it classic, messy, loose or textured, Pomp’s are worn by men all over the world and have seen a huge spike in popularity post COVID lockdowns.

 In a nutshell, a Pomp is when the fringe worn high and rolled over, with lots of volume.

Pomps where popularized way back in the 1950s set tight with a big healthy dollop of Pomade which would make the hair shine like a pair of boots.

Nowadays, Pomps are worn looser and paired with a matte product to achieve a natural look.

Take for example this Loose Pomp cut by Uppercut Deluxe founder Steve Purcell, styled with Uppercut Deluxe Clay.

Loose Pomp haircut styled with Uppercut Deluxe Clay

Uppercut Deluxe Clay pairs perfectly with this medium length men’s cut, adding lots of hold and control, while allowing the hair to be reworked throughout the day.

Clay is a very versatile product and will tackle nearly any style depending on the cut and product application.

This Clay styling product offers strong hold - it grips and shapes hair effortlessly. Clay has the strength to defy natural hair movement to control even the toughest and most stubborn hair.


The most important thing to achieve a dry look is selecting the right product for your hair. As a general rule, to achieve a dry look stay away from traditional Pomades and opt for a Clay or a product like Matte Pomade or Easy Hold that have been specifically formulated to give a natural finish.

To style a modern Loose Pomp with a dry, no product look, follow these steps.

  1. Use a Quiff Roller and a hairdryer on a medium heat to dry your hair, directing air flow backwards. Use your Quiff Roller to create tension in the fringe and lift as you hit it with the blowdryer.
  2. Once your hair is dry, take a fingernail size scoop of Clay and thoroughly spread it across your hands.
  3. To apply the product, run your hands through your hair working from front to back. Ensure you work the product through all of your hair, covering root to tip.
  4. Once the product is applied, use a CB11 Rake Comb to dial in your style. Lift your fringe as you comb to create volume.
  5. Finally, pinch at pieces of hair to create the perfect loose look.