Featured Style: Modern Slick Back

A Modern Approach to a Timeless Style

A Slick Back is a style that will stand the test of time. It’s a look that means business; its no fuss, easy to achieve and maintainable.

Traditionally, a Slick Back is paired with a high-shine product but Jordan from The Barber Club Brighton (UK), and formerly Flying Tiger Barbershop while in Australia, takes a more modern approach finishing this cut with Matte Pomade. Check it out below.

Uppercut Deluxe Modern Slick Back

This Modern Slick Back takes the best part of the classic style, combining it with a nice taper around the ears and embraces the natural movement of the hair.

 A Modern Slick Back is a relatively easy style to recreate at home, to achieve this look all you’ll need a tin of Matte Pomade and a CT9 Styling Comb.

Before you begin styling, wash your hair using Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner. Freshly washed hair is way easier to style than hair with product build-up.

Next, give your hair a nice towel dry. The drier your hair is, the drier the finish of Matte Pomade will be. Take your CT9 Styling Comb and comb your hair is roughly into position.

Now that you have the foundation of your Slick Back, it’s time to apply the product. Take a generous scoop of Matte Pomade and thoroughly spread it across your hands. Gently begin to apply the product to your hair, first using your fingers tips to rake it through eventually using your palms to spread the Pomade through your hair. Be careful not to apply too much product, as this may flatten the hair out.

Pick up your CT9 Styling Comb again and begin to work it through your hair. Start from the center and work around to the sides. To create volume in your fringe, lift as you comb.

To finish, gently pat down any stray hairs. 

And there you have it, the Modern Slick Back.

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Looking for the best product for your Slicked Back look?

The Uppercut Deluxe line has four products that work extremely well for Slick Backs. When recommending a product to a customer, we always find out what type of shine – high or low.

If the customer prefers a high shine finish, we would recommend Deluxe Pomade or Monster Hold, depending on the needs.

Deluxe Pomade is a water-based product that ‘sets’ firm but washes out easy. Whereas Monster Hold is a wax-based Pomade that doesn’t set, remaining reworkable and won’t wash out with water along.

If the user is after a more natural look, or a matte finish we recommend Featherweight or Matte Pomade.

Featherweight is a light fibre paste that emphasis texture, provides mid-strong hold with a natural shine. Matte Pomade, on the other hand, offers a completely dry finish with a medium hold.