Featured Style: Tapered Curly Hair Throwback

Tapered Curly Hair Throwback - Front

Men’s Curly hair styles don’t get much more classic than a Tapered Throwback. This is a great style for curly hair when you want control of the curls and keep them out of the way throughout the day. Our favourite thing about the Tapered Throwback is that it is a relatively easy style to recreate at home for men with curly hair.

The Barber behind this cut, Denny Nolan of Bare Bone’s Barbershop, took this classic into the 21st Century making some more modern tweaks to the shape and tapering out the sideburns and nape. These finer details are what separates an average haircut and a great one!

We caught up with the barber behind this cut, Denny to pick his brain on the Tapered Curly Throwback.

“This is one of my regulars, I absolutely love cutting his hair.” Said Denny

“The consult usually goes a bit like this, ’Hey bro, I’m happy to do something similar to the last cut we did but I reckon do whatever you think is going to work’.”

Having a relationship like this with your barber make take some time to develop, so we asked Denny the best way to ask for this cut.

“Knowing how to articulate is the key.” Said Denny

“I always say to clients to ask for a low taper starting at a number 1 around the sideburns and on the neckline blending up, maintaining weight and body through the sides so as to keep shape and flow for the length on top to rest upon.

“Or even better, show your barber a photo of exactly what you want. A picture is the best way to get what you are after with no room for confusion.”

Steve Purcell, Founder of Uppercut Deluxe, is a massive fan of this curly men’s hairstyle.

“For a guy that has hair with a medium to light curl and needs to be able to keep his hair neat and tidy, I think can’t really go past this haircut.” Said Steve

“It’s an absolutely classic look with plenty of style and has been completely modernised with the tight tapers.”

How to a Style Tapered Curly Hair Throwback

The best men’s hair product for curls like this really depends on the desired result – if you want some hold and shine or for the curls to look nice and natural.

To achieve a finish like this example Uppercut Deluxe Foam Tonic is a perfect pairing.

First, take a few pumps of Foam Tonic and apply it to the hair.

Next, use a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment and gently dry the hair. The heat aids in activating the Foam Tonic and speeds up the setting process to get the Foam Tonic to hold the curl.

For some extra hold or to lock the wave of the curl in place, you could take a small scoop of Deluxe Pomade and gently run it through the hair with just your fingers, raking the hair into place.

Tapered Curly Hair Throwback - Back

Tapered Curly Hair Throwback - Side

Tips for Cutting a Curly Hair Throwback

We asked Denny what his top tips for approaching this haircut. Here’s what he had to say

“Start low on the side burns and the neckline setting a guide that doesn’t pass over the ear so that you can join the front and the back with your clipper over comb technique, angling your comb nearing a 45 degree angle so that you create a wedge shape through the sides so there is body to throw back. Trim the top to suit.”

Simple, right?