Featured Style: Textured Crop

The style of a textured crop has seen a massive resurgence as of late. If you’re looking for a style that requires minimal effort, cleans up well at work whilst keeping it casual on the weekends than this is the style for you.

This cut by long time friend of Uppercut Deluxe, Paul Hewitt, is a great example of this modern style classic. You can catch Paul at Black L'Amour Barbers, Brislington Hill Barbershop, or Parts and Labour Barbershop.

Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold

Easy Hold is a great product choice for styling a Textured crop. Easy Hold has been formulated to give light hold and a natural, matte finish. The product has a creamy base that effortlessly spread through hair and sets into a weightless style, without effort.


If you’ve just had your hair cut to a Textured Crop and are unsure how to recreate the style at home with the same level of finesse as your barber than fear not, following these steps will have you a Textured Crop in minutes.  

As always, before styling, we recommend a full wash cycle using Uppercut Deluxe Shampoo and Conditioner. This will make your hair more reactive to the product, not to mention far easier to work with!

Give your hair a thorough towel dry – the drier your hair is, the drier finish you will achieve.

Start by using your CB11 Rake Comb to comb roughly into place. Comb your fringe and sides down and forward.

Next, take a generous scoop of Easy Hold and spread it thoroughly across your hands. Gently begin to run your hands down your hair as if to flatten it – start from the back and work down towards your forehead. Run your fingers across the sides to flatten them down.

Now, use your fingers to ruffle sections of hair to create texture. Work from your crown to your forehead, ruffling side to side.

To finish your style, pick, pinch and pull at sections and strands of the hair to emphasize the texture.

That’s it, that’s all! A textured crop to make your mother proud!