Featured Style: Textured Messy Look

If you’re looking for a style that requires little to no effort to get looking good – look no further because this is it; the Textured Messy Look.

Unfortunately, not all things are that easy and while it might not be too hard to style at home, a good Textured Messy Look relies heavily on a solid cut from your barber. In approaching the cut, the Barber is going to need to take a lot of factors into consideration – hair type, head shape, hair length, growth patterns… the list goes on.

Check out this example of a well-executed Textured Messy Look by Uppercut Deluxe founder Steve Purcell.

Textured Messy Look

For this style, the barber has taken the fade up high, with a firm disconnection. With 4 inches of length left on top, there is still plenty of hair to work with and style with Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder.

Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder is a revolutionary men's hair product that makes the very most of cosmetic technology. Unlike other powders on the market, our Styling Powder is an ultrafine dust that weightlessly sits on the hair, adding hold, volume, and texture – making it the perfect product for this style.


Achieving this look will really depend on your hair type.

First things first, before styling, we always recommend a full wash cycle using Uppercut Deluxe Shampoo and Conditioner. Freshly washed hair will react far better to styling product, not to mention is much easier to work with.

Once washed, give your hair an extremely thorough towel dry. Styling Powder  works best in bone dry hair – the extra time spent drying your hair will make styling a lot easier. If you’re tight on time, set your blow dryer to a medium heat, and hit your hair with it. Continually move the dryer so you don’t damage your hair. Before putting it down, direct your hair upwards to help add volume.

Once your hair is dry, take your Styling Powder and gently dust it across your entire head.

Next, rake your hands through your hair, ruffling as you go. Next, pick and pinch at pieces of your hair to emphasize your hair.

With a good cut, it really is that easy. Shake and Rake.