Featured Style: Textured Throwback

The Textured Throwback is undoubtedly one of the more popular styles for guys with medium to long hair.

Guys the world over have been embracing the lock-down induced length, opting for a nice textured throwback.

The Throwback is a very versatile look that can be dressed up or down depending on the day ahead. A throwback is a more casual approach to the traditional Slick back, drawing similarities to the classic lines of the style. This makes the throwback the perfect cut for the guy who wants the best of both worlds; a casual look for the everyday, but with the option to rock the slicked back look when the time calls.

Check out this expertly cut and styled example from Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador, Luke Dolan.

Textured Throwback | Uppercut Deluxe

Luke has finished his cut with a super tidy taper, giving the haircut a clean finish and adding extra emphasis on the texture through the longer sections.

Styling a Textured Throwback requires a little bit of patience, a generous coat of Salt Spray and some skills with the hair dryer.


To make styling as easy as possible, we always recommend a full wash cycle using Shampoo and Conditioner.

Once clean, give your hair a nice thorough towel dry.

Next, take your Salt Spray and give it a rattle to activate the ingredients. Then, give you’re a hair a generous spray of the product. Ensure you get the product all the way down to the roots of your hair.

Set to a medium heat, take your hair dryer and begin to direct the hair backwards. To create volume, use your hand to lift sections of the hair to create tension while hitting it with your blow dryer.

Once your hair is in position, you have the option to give your hair some extra hold with another spray of Salt Spray or leave as is.

To finish, take your hand and ruffle the length to separate and emphasis the texture in your hair. Pick at strands and sections carefully to perfect your look.