Featured Style: Creative Loose Throwback

It’s no secret Loose Throwbacks are stocked in every barber’s tool bag, and we couldn’t pass on featuring this one. This Creative Loose Throwback is the brainchild of UCDC member Nuno Silva (Rocky Barber) from Bigorna Parlour barbershop, cooked up by pushing the boundaries of a modern barbering staple.

Typically paired with a tight taper, Loose Throwbacks are a practical cut for guys with mid-length hair chasing a ‘no fuss’ styling routine and versatility. Rocky Barber flipped the lid on a traditional Loose Throwback with sharp, creative linework along the neckline while maintaining length on top, allowing the style to flow. Styled using Uppercut Deluxe Salt Spray to add volume and finished with a dab of Matte Pomade for added texture and control, this cut ticks the boxes.

Creative Loose Throwback Side Profile

Nuno shed light on his approach to creativity in barbering, “Without the possibility of failure, there can’t be innovation. So failure is part of the process. I’d say essential even. Allowing yourself to open your mind gives you a ticket to an endless journey. A different kind of dimension.”

If you’re wanting to give this cut a run but a trip to Bigorna Parlour isn’t on the cards, a photo is your barber’s best friend. With a picture worth its weight in words, your barber will be equipped to nail exactly what you’re looking for.

Creative Loose Throwback Back Profile

For locking in a Loose Throwback with Texture at home, Uppercut Deluxe Salt Spray and Matte Pomade, will give you the tools you need to get the job done.

First, start by applying a few pumps of Salt Spray to damp hair before blow-drying in to add volume and light control. Then take a dab of Matte Pomade and work it in to your hands, making sure to spread the product evenly. Apply a small amount to the fringe area using your fingertips, then work from the back of your head forward, making sure to spread the pomade evenly through your hair. Pinch with your fingertips to add texture and piece out the style. If you’re looking for more structure grab a CB11 Rake Comb and rake the hair in to place.

What is Salt Spray?

Designed to create loose, live in looks. Salt Spray is a weightless, liquid product that gives light control for a relaxed, textured hold while maintaining a natural finish. Packaged up in a spray paint style can, rattle and all.

Use individually in dry hair to create a casual finish or alternatively, apply to damp hair to act as a pre-styling primer for extra volume and added control when blow drying.

What is Matte Pomade?

Matte Pomade is an all-rounder, formulated to give a medium hold with a natural matte finish.

Matte Pomade performs exceptionally well in a range of hair lengths and types. Matte Pomade has been designed to create a broad range of styles, both classic and modern.

Don't let the creamy appearance fool you, Matte Pomade really packs a punch once applied to your hair giving grip and hold to assist in achieving a great look that lasts.

This product is also water soluble so it can be washed out with ease. With a smell so good you'll almost want to eat it, this versatile product is a must have in your styling range.