Featured Style: Curly Side Part

Have curly hair and want something that mixes an old school classic with a modern twist? Well look no further, here it is, the Curly Side Part.

This cut, by Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador Vinny Richards, challenges the norms of conventional styling merging the old with the new, taking a wild approach to a tried and tested style.

Vinny emphasizes the natural curls but adds a nice sharp parting with a tight taper. This means the hair could be worn loose for a more casual look or laid down with a healthy dab of Pomade.

Featured Style: Curly Side Part

We asked Steve Purcell, Uppercut Deluxe Founder for his two cents on Vinny’s cut.

“The Curly Hair Side Part is a great style for a guy with curly hair wanting a bit of versatility with their style. With this haircut, you can let the freak fly and rock it natural and wild or you have the option to comb it into place when you are needing to look sharp.” Said Steve

“This is why I love Vinny’s approach to barbering – he draws a lot of inspiration from classic barbering of the 50’s but isn’t afraid to mix things up and put his own spin on things”.

If you’re wanting to give this cut a go, and can’t pay a visit to Palace Barbering, show your barber a photo! This will help make sure your barber knows exactly what you want.

Talk to your barber about how high you want the taper, where you want the parting to sit and how much length you want left on top.

One of our favourite things about this cut is its versatility in styling; keep it casual or comb it tight.

To keep it casual, take a few pumps of Foam Tonic and run the product through your hair. Next take a blow dryer on a medium heat and direct the air flow to create your parting, using a Vent Brush will help control your hair when doing so.

Next, use the hair dryer to add some volume to your curls lifting at sections and thoroughly drying the hair. It might pay to take a small amount of Easy Hold to set the parting and to add a little control to the curls.

If you’ve got an important meeting or wanting to spruce up a bit, you’ll need to follow the first steps of the styling routine as normal.

Once you’ve got the parting and your hair is dry, take a healthy dab of Deluxe Pomade or Matte Pomade and spread it across your hands. Next, work the product into your hair, making sure you’ve got an even coverage all the way down to the roots.

Finally, take a CB11 or CT5 and comb your hair into place. Comb across the parting first, and then comb the fringe backwards to perfect the look.