Featured Style: Long Throwback

There isn’t a more iconic style that embodies a sport than the Long Throwback. This haircut has been worn nearly exclusively by surfers since the 60’s. The Long Throwback is a dead giveaway for picking a surfer from the crowd – the sun-bleached blonde, wispy ends, and the ooze of effortless style. 

Best worn somewhat messy, salty and a little dirty, the Long Throwback is for the easy going guy that isn’t really phased by style trends.

If you rock your hair long and aren’t able to get to the beach each morning for a surf, but still want that fresh from the water look, then there is no better product for you than Uppercut Deluxe Salt Spray.

From the outset, we wanted our Salt Spray to mimic and subtly amplify the effect saltwater has on hair. Filling up bottles straight from the ocean didn’t go as plan, so there was no choice but to hit the lab with our team of chemists.

After a few months of R & D and some ‘research’ trips to the beach, we finally perfected the Salt Spray.

The result was a liquid product that subtly disrupts the cuticle layer of the hair to create texture combined with a lightweight hold complex.

Packaging the product was an extremely important part to ensure that the spray not only looks great but also met the functional requirements. The rattle inside the can mixes the ingredients for even distribution while the fine mist applicator plays an important part in recreating the wave-washed feeling.

The effect of these ingredients is amplified when exposed to heat, making Salt Spray a great option as a pre-styling primer. The hold complex allows the user to build volume while maintaining control making technical styling easier. The product helps leave the hair perfectly positioned and ready for a finishing pomade to be applied.