Featured Style: Natural Pomp

There may be no style as effortlessly cool as a Natural Pomp.

Unless you are blessed with hair that does EXACTLY what you want, obtaining the perfect Natural Pomp is no easy feat. Nailing this style relies on a great cut, skill with a hairdryer and the right product pairing.

Check out this example of a Natural Pomp by Uppercut Deluxe Barber Ambassador, George Coady.

Uppercut Deluxe | Natural Pomp

There is no doubt about it, despite his young age, George is an absolute expert at creating styles with movement and flow. Of course, Easy Hold and Salt Spray his favourite product picks.

A ‘Pomp’, or Pompadour, is a style that dates back to the 18th century that was repopularised by the rock stars and greasers of the 50’s. The Pompadour is a classic men's haircut, paired with a tight fade, it's one of the best styles getting around!.

Put simply, a Pomp is a style with hair swept back over the heard, while the fringe is styled to form a quiff at the front. This style suits pretty much any face shape and hair type, allowing it to become without a doubt, one of the more popular styles.

The Pomp is a style that is completely customisable with countless variations, just like this Side Part Pomp.

A more Traditional Pomp, like the one sported by Elvis Presley, is generally styled with a heavyweight Pomade, like Monster Hold or Deluxe Pomade to achieve a nice shine and plenty of hold to lock the style in place. With the rise in popularity of more natural styles, a push has been made towards matte finish products.


To achieve the more modern Natural Pomp, barbers have been relying on natural finish products. Depending on the demands of the hair type, products like Matte Pomade, Easy Hold and Styling Powder have been a go-to. Relatively new to the Uppercut Deluxe styling range, Salt Spray is an absolute gamechanger when creating your natural pomp.

Salt Spray was inspired by customers that would come in straight from the surf. Thanks to the saltwater, their hair sat perfectly primed for styling with just the right amount of hold and wave.

From the outset, we wanted to create a multi-function product that could be used individually, or as a restyling primer to help add volume and control when blow-drying.

The challenge was set; create a product that mimicked the ‘fresh from the beach’ feeling while also adding grip and heat-protective elements for pre-styling 

Somehow, the product team did it.

The result is a product that gives light control for relaxed and textured hold when used individually or helps add volume and control when blowdrying.

This makes it the PERFECT product for achieving a Natural Pomp.

If your hair cooperates, and you only need a little help, simply apply liberally to damp hair, comb into place and allow to dry. This will add texture to your hair with relaxed control, allowing your hair to sit naturally with highlighted texture.

If your hair needs a helping hand, you’re going to need to follow a few more steps.

First, apply Salt Spray to your hair.

Then, use your hairdryer and direct your hair backwards. To create your pomp, create tension in your fringe using your Quiff Roller.

Once your hair is sitting in place, grab your preferred styling product. We’d recommend Easy Hold to achieve a more effortless look or Matte Pomade for extra control. Take a scoop of product and rake through your hair using your fingertips. Don’t go too crazy with the finishing product, remembering that you are trying to achieve a natural finish.

And there you have it, the perfect Natural Pomp.

What you'll need:

Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold
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Have some Questions about Salt Spray? Here’s some more info;

What does Salt Spray do?

Salt Spray adds light control, accentuates texture and helps add volume to hair.

Salt Spray was designed to entirely coat each individual hair, adding light hold while maintaining a soft finish and creating texture.

Since individual hair has even coverage, the user is able to attain effortless style, accentuating volume, texture and movement.

Salt Spray opens the cuticle of the hair and plumps the individual hair strands, adding volume and subtle hold. The Salt ingredients absorb moisture on hair in order to create additional texture.

Does it actually contain Salt?

Yes, our spray actually contains Salt!

their job faster.

Our Salt Spray contains a rattle that activates the salts in the formula, helping them do 

What type of hair does it work in?

Salt Spray will work in any type of hair, depending on how it is used. The effect it has on some types of hair can be quite subtle.

When used individually, Salt Spray was designed for finer and curly hair that only needs subtle control.

Salt Spray is a great pre-styler, and will dramatically improve your styling, no matter your hair type. When applied before blow-drying, Salt Spray will help add volume and control to your style. To finish, use your preferred styling product and lock your look in place.

Is it hard to wash out?

Not at all! Salt Spray is completely water-based and will wash out with water alone.

How do I use it as a pre-styler?

Using Salt Spray as a pre-styler is easy and will help achieve the look you are after.

To use as a pre-styler, give your hair a light towel dry. Then, generously apply Salt Spray ensuring full coverage. Next use your hairdryer and preferred styling tool to get your hair into shape. you'll notice that Salt Spray will help keep your hair in shape. Finally, cocktail it with your preferred Uppercut Deluxe styling product to lock your look into place.

What other product should I cocktail it with?

The sky is the limit!

Depending on your style, we'd recommend sticking to water-based products. We've seen barbers achieve great results with Deluxe Pomade, Matte Pomade, Easy Hold and Featherweight!