Piss Pot - Built in One Day with Cycle Zombies and Matty Matheson


Not many people would think bringing a 1938 Harley Davidson Knuckle Head EL to life would be an easy task.

Doing it in one day, well most people would think that is just downright impossible. 

Enter: Scotty Stopnik, the boys from Cycle Zombies Garage and Matty Matheson

With parts sourced, and the idea in their heads, the team got to work. Dealing with 80-year-old parts from countless bikes is never an easy task, but with some elbow grease, backyard fabrication, a lot of swearing mixed in with a few laughs the bike was running, just 12 hours after starting the build. 

After a late night in the shop, the boys returned back to the Cycle Zombies garage in Huntington Beach the next day to put the finishing touches on the Piss Pot. Matty and the team at Harpers Barbecue got a head start in prepping for dinner for what was supposed to be a couple of people.

Uppercut Deluxe Founder, Steve Purcell, had made the trip out from Australia to California to catch up with the guys, and was stoked to roll the Cut Bus offering up some much needed freshen ups. 

The low key barbecue had been organized to cap off what was an epic few days, but an invite to a buddy here, and another mate from over there meant the mellow barbecue had turned into 100 people at CZ Garage. With beers flowing and a delicious barbecue feed cooked up by Matty, there were good vibes a plenty with the whole crew amped to hit Born Free 13 the next day. 

A huge thanks to everyone involved in pulling this together; The cycle Zombies Team Scotty Stopnik, Kyosuke Kuroda, Big Scott, The Harper Barbecue guys Bryant Stephens and Drew Brahs, Jeff Jones of 66 HWY Films (and Mack, Jeff’s incredibly supportive partner that let him film on her birthday instead of go whale watching) as well as everyone else that pitched in behind the scenes and of course Matty Matheson.