Featured Style: Tapered Afro with Enhanced Curls

If you’re rocking tight curly hair that’s a struggle to tame, then this Tapered Afro with Enhanced Curls from Uppercut Deluxe Founder Steve Purcell might just do the trick. A modern take on a barbershop staple, this cut makes use of our best-selling Styling Powder to enhance, and piece out tight curls.

Nailing this style takes a specific hair type, a barber you can trust and some patience. The key to nailing an enhanced, pieced-out look is in the styling, but a good cut will set you up for success. When you jump in the chair, start by asking for a ‘tapered afro’, this style begins there. Keep an image or video handy as a reference so your barber knows where to start.


Tapered Afro with Enhanced Curls

How to cut a Tapered Afro

“Preparation is key – this is a must, and patience is required” said Steve. Using an afro comb spend a good amount of time plucking out the tight curls leaving the hair in a high ‘pulled-out’ state ready for shaping.

Now the curls have been ‘plucked’ you can focus on tapering the neck and temple. Once a tight taper has been established it’s time for a trim. Hedge the curls using a freehand technique to shape the desired height and shape of the afro.



Now you’re looking fresh, it’s on to the fun part: styling.

How to style a Tapered Afro with Enhanced Curls

Start by applying a liberal amount of Styling Powder and ‘patting’ into dry hair. For a stronger hold, you can add more powder; start light and add more as you go to avoid being heavy handed. Once the styling powder has been applied, take a sponge brush and carefully work through the hair in a light circular motion. With time you will see the curls start to section out and come to life. Pinch and twist the curls after working the styling powder through with the sponge brush to enhance the finished style.


What is Styling Powder?

Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder adds volume and texture to all hair types and lengths with a natural, matte finish.

This volumising powder is re-workable, making it the perfect day-to-day men's hair styling powder. If you're wanting to add texture, volume or control to your hair, without the fuss of a traditional wax or pomade, this is the product for you.

Use it to create Crops, Textured Quiffs and longer, looser looks in seconds.

For best results, completely dry hair before application. Gently shake the Styling Powder over hair, aiming to lightly cover the entire head. Rake the hair into place, pinching at sections to accentuate texture. Add more Styling Powder for added control.

In certain hair types, Styling Powder can be tough to remove. To remove, we recommend a full wash using Detox and Degrease Shampoo, Strength and Restore Shampoo followed with Strength and Restore Conditioner.